Russian invasion of Ukraine: tanks and rocket attacks on the cities. Breaking news - Фото

Russian invasion of Ukraine: tanks and rocket attacks on the cities. Breaking newsЗавершено

Russian invasion of Ukraine: tanks and rocket attacks on the cities. Breaking newsЗавершено
02.05.2022, 02:04
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Early in the morning of February 24, 2022, Russia launched missile strikes on the territory of Ukraine and launched a direct full-scale invasion. Ukraine repulses the enemy. As of April 28, 2022, more than 22800 russian servicemen, thousands of units of military equipment (187 planes, 155 helicopters, 970 tanks, 2389 armored vehicles, 1688 machines, 582 artillery / rocket artillery systems, 8 ships and more) have been eliminated.


Kyiv territorial defense forces obtained anti-tank weapons NLAW, - press-service of the Ukrainian Ground Forces. Surprises are awaiting the occupants' tanks.


A man is trying to stop Russian military machines all by himself.


Kyiv Mayor Vitaliy Klytschko reported 5 explosions that occurred at intervals of 3-5 minutes near the combined heat and power station (CHP) 6. The emergency services are responding to the site.


NATO will send air defense systems to Ukraine - Jens Stoltenberg, the NATO Secretary General, said at the briefing.


EU imposes sanctions on Putin and Lavrov. Their assets will be frozen. And this is not the end. To be continued.


In Kharkiv, the petroleum-storage depot in Industrialnyi Avenue is on fire. The subdivision of the State Agency of Emergency Management responded to the site, Suspіlne broadcaster reports referring to the press secretary of the department Yevhen Vasylenko. According to the local media outlet АТН, the fire occurred after the explosion.


The vehicles of the Russian occupants' troops are destroyed nearby Konotop.


Many Ukrainians leave to Europe. According to the State Border Guard Service, as of 18:00, the situation with the cars at the checkpoints in the West is as follows:


FAKE! Russia is spreading disinformation that supposedly, Kyiv will be cut off the power tonight. But the Ukrainian energy system is stable, so we are not planning anything like this, - the press-service of the state company UkrEnergo


In Odesa, an air raid alarm is heard, the city mayor Trukhanov reports. Go to the shelters. The map of the shelters of Odesa is here.


New details about the chemical tanker MILLENIAL SPIRIT that was going to Romania under the Moldavian flag and was hit by a Russian projectile in neutral waters. More precisely, one new detail: the tanker crew were the citizens of Russia itself.


Roskomnadzor will partially restrict access to Facebook in Russia because the network seems to be "violating fundamental human rights and freedoms." The reason for such actions of the country's authorities is the blocking of the pages of its propaganda media.


From March 1, 2022, the salary of the Armed Forces members will be increased by 30% - Oleksii Reznikov signed the urgent telegram


Sirens are heard in Ivano-Frankivsk. People are asked to go to the nearest shelter.


After fierce fighting, the Russian army broke through the defenses of Kherson with heavy losses, said the head of the Kherson Regional State Administration Gennady Laguta. He also added that Ukrainian troops had lost control of the crossing to Kherson. Laguta asks not to panic and promises that the authorities will do their best to save people's lives.


Austria backs the idea of excluding Russia from the global SWIFT system of interbank payments provided there is unity within the European Union on the issue, Chancellor Karl Nehammer said on Friday. Neutral Austria traditionally maintains relatively close ties to Russia. It obtains 80% of its natural gas and owns just under a third of oil company OMV, which is an investor in the Nord Stream-2 gas pipeline project.


The Russians fired at a civilian car near Kherson from the firearm. There were two men and a child in the car. They weren't hurt.


Russia’s participation in all the bodies of the Council of Europe has been suspended, the PACE President Tiny Kox said. This decision is a consequence of the Russian aggression in Ukraine.


Air-raid alarm in Kharkiv. Go to the shelter. Bombers are coming - Civic Defense Department.


Lithuanian folk band Žalvarinis performed the Ukrainian song "Kalyna-malyna".

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