New 10 UAH coin with Patriot system presented
Photo: National Bank of Ukraine

The National Bank of Ukraine on Friday presented a new limited edition 10 UAH coin with a Patriot anti-aircraft missile system on the reverse, in a symbolic nod to the equipment that has boosted Ukraine’s air defences.

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The new coin is the third one dedicated to the Ukrainian Armed Forces as the country fights the Russian full-scale invasion for nearly 18 months.

The coin will be circulated with a regular 10 UAH coin, with Ukrainian hetman Ivan Mazepa on its reverse. The National Bank plans to issue 10 million pieces, which is six percent of the 10 UAH coin circulation.

The UAH 10 coin is made of a zinc-based alloy with a nickel coating, weighs 6.4 g, has a diameter of 23.5 mm, and is minted in 10,000,000 pieces (including 500,000 pieces of souvenirs in the form of specially designed rollers).

By the end of 2023, two more commemorative coins are planned to be put into circulation, one of which will be dedicated to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the central bank added.