Russian missile ship Tsiklon reported hit; Ukrainian forces await confirmation – photos
Tsiklon corvette (Photo: resource of the occupiers)

Several Russian sources claim that the Russian small missile ship Tsiklon was hit in the port of temporarily occupied Sevastopol on May 19, and navy spokesman Dmytro Pletenchuk told that Ukrainian defenders are waiting for confirmation.

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Russian propaganda Telegram channels, citing their sources, reported an alleged ATACMS missile strike on the Tsiklon ship on the night of May 19. On the morning of May 19, however, the General Staff reported that Ukrainian forces had destroyed the Russian minesweeper Kovrovets overnight, with no mention of the Tsiklon.

The Ukrainian OSINT project CyberBoroshno determined from satellite imagery that the Tsiklon missile ship was in port on May 17, 200 meters east of the Kovrovets minesweeper.

Meanwhile, the local pro-Ukrainian channel Krymsky Veter reported that a building near where the Tsiklon had been two days before the attack was damaged on the night of May 19.

Researchers note that the hit on the vessel can only be confirmed with fresh satellite images.

Фото: Кіберборошно
Photo: Cyberflour

The Navy spokesperson told that they are awaiting confirmation of the alleged destruction of the Tsiklon – no such confirmation is available at this time.

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