Ukrainian army likely destroys Russia's Tsiklon ship – last carrier of cruise missiles in Black Sea
Dmytro Pletenchuk (Photo: Facebook)

There is a possibility that the Russian army has lost its last carrier of cruise missiles in Crimea, said the head of the United Coordination Press Center of the Defense Forces of the South, Dmytro Pletenchuk, on national television.

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There is also a possibility that the entire staff was struck, he added.

"[There was a powerful hit recently]... We are currently verifying the rest of the information. But, of course, there is a possibility that the Black Sea Fleet in Crimea has lost its last cruise missile carrier," the head of the press center of the Southern Defense Forces noted.

The Tsiklon ship is a small missile ship of the Karakurt project, which combines a series of multi-purpose small missile and artillery ships with guided missile weapons of the near sea zone.

Construction of small corvettes began in 2015. The first ship was commissioned in 2018. Under the conditions of international sanctions, they are built taking into account import substitution, all elements and equipment are of Russian production.

The Russian Telegram channel Spy Dossier reported that during the attack on occupied Sevastopol, the Russian small missile ship Tsiklon could have been sunk.

During the two years of the full-scale war, the Defense Forces of Ukraine destroyed or disabled a third of the warships of the Russian Black Sea Fleet.

On March 23, according to the military, the Defense Forces hit the large amphibious ships Yamal and Azov, the communications center, as well as several infrastructure facilities of the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation in the temporarily occupied Sevastopol.

On May 6, a military reconnaissance drone destroyed a Russian speedboat in occupied Crimea.

On May 19, the Naval Forces destroyed the Russian sea trawler Kovrovets.