China to send special envoy to Kyiv, Moscow, talk about ‘political settlement’

China’s special envoy will travel to Ukraine, Russia and other European nations starting next week, in Beijing’s most visible attempt at negotiating a "political settlement" in the full-scale war.

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"From 15 May, ambassador Li Hui, the Chinese government's special representative for Eurasia, will visit Ukraine, Poland, France, Germany and Russia to talk to all parties about a political settlement of the Ukrainian crisis," Chinese foreign ministry spokesperson Wang Wenbin was quoted as saying.

China decided to send the special envoy to Europe following Xi Jinping’s call with Ukraine’s president, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, last month.

Mr Li previously served as China's ambassador to Moscow for a decade, having received two awards from Russian president Vladimir Putin.

Earlier, China’s foreign minister Qin Gang said Beijing will supply weapons to neither Ukraine nor Russia and "manage and control the exports of dual-use items in accordance with laws and regulations".