Ukraine's Special Operations Forces hit the newest communication station of the Russians, R-416GМ. This happened for the first time in the history of the war. The corresponding video was published by SOF.

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Operators of the third SSO regiment, while working on one of the operational axes, identified a Russian R-416GМ digital radio relay station and engaged it with one of the newest developments that entered the service of the SOF.

As a result of a successful operation, the R-416GМ station was damaged and the communication between the command post and the units of the Russian army was disrupted.

This R-416GМ station was the first to be hit by the Ukrainian military during the war.

The Russian army adopted this complex in 2018. The mobile station is designed to increase the efficiency of radio relay communication units in the field.

On May 30, the drones of the Security Service of Ukraine "shut down" the Nebo SVU radar system in Crimea, the cost of which is about $100 million.

On June 12, cyber specialists of the Security Service of Ukraine together with the Defense Forces hit the enemy radar station Zoopark worth $25 million with several FPV drones.