France blocking decision of European Union regarding ammunition for Ukraine — PAP

12.04.2023, 17:09
France blocking decision of European Union regarding ammunition for Ukraine — PAP - Photo
Emmanuel Macron (Photo: EPA)

France is blocking the decision of the European Union to purchase ammunition for Ukraine in the amount of 2 billion euros, the Polish news agency PAP reported with reference to a high-ranking representative of the bloc.

According to him, France is blocking a unanimous decision regarding the financing of the 2 billion euro project, which provides for the purchase of necessary ammunition for the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Half of the amount was planned to be given to the EU countries to reimburse the cost of previous deliveries to Ukraine — Europe's warehouses are running out of shells too, so Brussels wanted to buy them from other countries, but France opposed it.

The second billion was supposed to be allocated for the production of ammunition in the EU countries, which was also opposed by Paris.

"The project contained a provision that the reimbursement of ammunition should be carried out only on the basis of Ukraine's request. Paris, however, wants — without explaining the reasons — to exclude this provision. Also, France wants to add the possibility of reimbursement of the supply of missiles," said a source in the EU.

Some European diplomats believe that France's position can be motivated by lobbying by certain arms companies.

"It is about creating a specific mechanism for fulfilling orders for equipment that the Ukrainian side may not actually need," said one of the European diplomats.

On March 8, the head of European diplomacy, Josep Borrell, proposed to the countries of the European Union to spend 1 billion euros on joint purchases of ammunition for Ukraine and replenishing their own stocks.

On March 20, the European Union agreed on a plan to purchase ammunition for Ukraine for 2 billion euros.

The Prime Minister of Estonia said the bloc would buy about 1 million shells for Ukraine.

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