EU soon to expand to Luhansk, Ukraine's future is in the bloc, German FM Baerbock declares
Annalena Baerbock (Photo: EPA)

Soon the European Union will expand "from Lisbon to Luhansk", German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock said at the meeting of EU foreign ministers in Kyiv, news agency Ukrinform quotes her.

The future of Ukraine lies in the European Union, which will soon expand to Luhansk, the diplomat stated.

Baerbock noted that the process of rapprochement with the EU with reforms continues, despite Russian aggression, and Berlin supports Ukraine on this path.

The official stressed that the partners expect "real changes" in the field of the judicial system, media regulation and the fight against corruption.

"European partners will continue to support Ukraine every day as it liberates its territories centimeter by centimeter so that Ukrainians can once again live in peace and freedom," Baerbock stated.

On June 23, 2022, Ukraine and Moldova were granted candidate status for European Union membership.

The European Commission has provided an action plan that must be implemented in order to start negotiations on joining the EU. A number of reforms are expected from Ukraine, including anti-corruption reforms.

Ukraine expects to become a member of the European Union in the coming years.

Support for joining the European bloc among Ukrainians is now at a record high level.