Grozev: Russian agents in Europe begin to act more aggressively
Christo Grozev (Photo: EPA)

Agents of the Russian special services began to work more aggressively in Europe, so they make mistakes, which increases the possibility of exposing them, Christo Grozev, a media expert and investigative journalist with Bellingcat said in an interview with

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When asked about the power of Russian spies abroad, Grozev answered that now Russian agents are working, understanding that the war is global, and that they have little time to have a diplomatic presence in every country.

"They take very aggressive actions, which are connected with big mistakes and give the opportunity to Western special services to catch them and extradite them," he said.

The investigator believes that, if one abstracts from the political desire to expel as many Russian diplomats as possible, within half a year it will be possible to observe many new failures of Russian agents.

"They will lead to a much tougher attitude of Western countries towards Russia, up to closing the possibility of obtaining any visas. I believe that this is what we will see by the end of the year," Grozev said.

On March 29, Voice of America reported that Czech counterintelligence exposed a network in the EU that paid local officials to spread Russian propaganda. Viktor Medvedchuk was behind this network.'s source in the law enforcement agencies said that it was possible to expose the network thanks to the SBU security service.

On June 13, Reuters wrote that the foreign ministers of eight EU countries called to ban Russian diplomats from free movement in the Schengen zone.