Norway to help train Ukrainian pilots for F-16
Norwegian Defence Minister Bjoern Arild Gram. Photo via EPA

Norway will support training programmes for Ukrainian pilots to fly F-16 fighter jets, Norwegian defence minister Bjoern Arild Gram said on Wednesday, Reuters reports.

"The government backs this initiative and is considering how Norway can contribute together with allies and partners," Mr Gram was quoted as saying.

The Norwegian government is reportedly yet to decide whether it will give any of its F-16 jets to Ukraine.

Earlier, Dutch defence minister Kajsa Ollongren said that her country also "wants to help Ukrainian pilots with F-16 training".

Ukraine has long been asking for modern fighter jets, claiming that its current Soviet-era aircraft are not capable of countering offensives of Russian forces and are too old to be combat-effective.

On Sunday, US president Joe Biden officially confirmed the US would start training Ukrainian pilots for the F-16.

Ukraine earlier signalled hopes to receive forty to fifty aircraft, the first ones preferably in the autumn.