New UK defense chief pledges continued support for Ukraine in face of Russian aggression
Grant Shapps (Photo: EPA)

The newly appointed British Defense Secretary, Grant Shapps, has said that he will continue to help Ukraine in the war against Russia his Twitter post says.

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The appointment to the position of defense chief is a great honor from Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, he stressed.

Shapps also thanked his predecessor, Ben Wallace, who held the position for four years.

"I am looking forward to working with the brave men and women of our Armed Forces who defend our nation’s security. And continuing the UK’s support for Ukraine in their fight against Putin’s barbaric invasion," Shapps said.

Dame Melinda Simmons, the outgoing British ambassador to Ukraine, said that Kyiv needs to constantly prove that it is a valuable partner, and advised against talking about the West as a single organism, instead referring to groups of countries – G7, NATO, etc.

According to her, the temporarily occupied Crimea allegedly lost its "special status" (perceived by the West) after the start of the full-scale war against Ukraine.

American top general Mark Milley believes that the Russians will be kicked out of Ukraine, but does not rule out negotiations at some point.