Warsaw seizes holiday camp run by Russian Embassy, hands it over to Polish Armed Forces
Recreation center in Skubyanka, Poland (Photo: Twitter of the Ministry of Defense of Poland)

The Ministry of Defense of Poland announced that it has decided to hand over the land plot and the holiday camp in Skubianka to the Polish Defense Forces. The premises previously belonged to the Russian Embassy.

The Ministry of Defense, Mariusz Blaszczak, took part in the handover ceremony.

Маріуш Блащак з польськими військовими (Фото: Twitter МО Польщі)
Mariusz Blaszczak with the Polish military (Photo: Twitter of the Ministry of Defense of Poland)

"This is a symbol, which consists in the fact that from the aggressor, from the state that attacks the neighboring countries, i.e. Russia, we won back the land that will serve the Polish army, will serve the Territorial Defense Forces, whose command will be located nearby," he said.

База відпочинку (Фото: Twitter МО Польщі)
Recreation center (Photo: Twitter of the Ministry of Defense of Poland)

He added that training for territorial defense troops will be held in these grounds.

Since the 1980s, the Embassy of the Russian Federation has rented a vacation facility in the Skubianka district on the Zegrze reservoir near Warsaw. In 2010, the lease was extended again. In mid-April 2022, Warsaw unilaterally terminated the lease agreement due to Russia's war against Ukraine.