Macron warns Russia against hoping for European 'fatigue' as Ukraine will get critical aid
Emmanuel Macron (Photo: EPA/Olivier Matthys)

The allocation of 50 billion euros of aid to Ukraine from the European Union provides predictability in support of Kyiv through long-term commitments, French President Emmanuel Macron said at a press conference in Brussels, Ukrinform writes.

Russia received a message that it should not count on any fatigue of Europe from Ukraine, he stressed.

The French leader also noted that the Europeans undertake bilateral obligations in military aid to Kyiv.

"France provides critical capabilities that can be decisive on the battlefield, including SCALP missiles, air defenses and Caesar artillery systems," Macron said.

On Thursday, the European Council unanimously approved a new package of financial assistance for Ukraine for the period 2024-2027 in the amount of 50 billion euros, of which 39 billion euros will go to ensure macro-financial stability.

On January 16, Macron announced a visit to Kyiv, the signing of an agreement on security guarantees and the provision of 40 more SCALP long-range missiles to Ukraine.

On January 18, Macron had a telephone conversation with President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, during which they instructed the political and military advisers of the two countries to start preparations for Macron's upcoming visit to Ukraine and speed up negotiations on a bilateral agreement on security guarantees.

On January 26, Ukraine and France proceeded to direct processing of the draft agreement on guarantees.