Third of Russia's Black Sea Fleet disabled – Navy spokesman Pletenchuk
Dmytro Pletenchuk (Photo: Facebook)

A third of the Black Sea Fleet's ships are out of commission, either destroyed or damaged. The Ukrainian Armed Forces are destroying some of them even after repair, Dmytro Pletenchuk, a spokesman for the Navy, said in an interview with RBC-Ukraine agency.

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The journalists asked Pletenchuk how many Russian ships and missile launchers the Ukrainian military had managed to damage. He replied that officially, 28, and another 10 units were under repair in Russia.

"But many of the ships that are currently in service have also been damaged. For example, both frigates Admiral Essen and Admiral Makarov," he said.

According to him, a significant number of enemy ships have already "gotten acquainted" with both drones and missiles.

"And some of them have already been restored. Some are still being repaired, some will be down for a long time due to serious damage," Pletenchuk stated.

The Defense Forces waited for Russia to put the landing ships in order and then attacked.

"It was extremely difficult to repair them, because they are the 775 project, they are Polish-made. And the Poles, of course, refuse to service them. And they tried to buy some parts, substitutes, to circumvent the sanctions. That's why I don't think they will rush to repair these large landing ships now," he added.

On May 30, military intelligence officers destroyed two Russian KC-701 Tuna boats using Magura V5 surface drones. The GUR stated that the two boats were not recoverable after the strikes, and later clarified that four Russian Tuna boats were hit and two of them were destroyed.

On June 10, a fire broke out on the Russian large anti-submarine warfare destroyer Admiral Levchenko.  

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