In Kherson, Russia strikes at an evacuation train – police officer killed, several injured: video
Kherson station (Photo: AgoV)

Russian invaders have been shelling Kherson and the region for 24 hours. The occupiers struck the city's railway station, President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said. As of 21:12, a policeman was killed, two civilians, two law enforcement officers, and several employees of Ukrzaliznytsia were injured.

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"There has just been a report on the shelling of Kherson. Russian attack on the railway station. An evacuation train. All services are now on the spot. The number of killed and injured is being established. There were many civilians on the spot," the Head of State said.

He noted that all updates would be reported by the relevant services.

UPDATE at 20:44. Ukrzaliznytsia writes that it is currently known about several wounded employees, passengers are in the shelter, the station and rolling stock were damaged by Russian shelling.

"The plan is as follows: we are waiting for the situation around the station to stabilize, transferring people to buses from the station square to Mykolaiv (we thank the Kherson military administration for their prompt assistance), and we are already preparing reserve cars there to transport more than 100 passengers to safety. The situation is under control, the railroaders are ready to continue moving," the agency writes.

UPDATE at 21:01. Minister of Internal Affairs Ihor Klymenko said that in the evening about 140 civilians were waiting for the evacuation train to depart at the Kherson railway station, and at that time the occupiers began massive shelling of the city.

"Police officers who were on duty at the station immediately began evacuating people. Thanks to the precise actions of the police, everyone was taken to safe places. Two civilians who received shrapnel wounds are being treated," the official wrote.

A police officer from Kirovohrad region, who served in a combined unit in the city, was killed in the attack: the law enforcement officer was fatally wounded during the evacuation of people, Klymenko said.

Two other policemen received shrapnel wounds and are in the hospital, the Interior Minister writes.

UPDATE at 21:14. The head of the Kherson regional military administration showed a video of the city's train station in the first minutes after the Russian strike:

The head of the Kherson Regional State Administration said that the Russian army had been shelling Kherson for more than two hours, using various types of weapons. The authorities asked the local population to stay indoors. The occupiers also shelled settlements in the region, killing one person and injuring at least seven.

On April 8, 2022, Russians hit the Kramatorsk railway station with a missile. The Security Service's examination showed that the missile attack was carried out from the occupied territory of Donbas since 2014. The shelling killed 61 people and injured 121.