US Senate agrees to final vote on aid to Ukraine in near future – Amb. Markarova
US Congress (Photo: EPA/SHAWN THEW)

The US Senate approved the final vote on military and financial aid to Ukraine, reported Oksana Markarova, Kyiv's Ambassador to Washington.

Te senators voted to end the debate on the bill on support for Ukraine.

The decision was supported by 66 legislators out of the required 60, and 33 senators opposed it.

The main vote can take place on Tuesday or Wednesday, if approved, the document will be sent to the House of Representatives, which must also conduct all the necessary procedures and garner the necessary number of votes of congressmen.

On the evening of February 7, the US Senate failed a procedural vote on a bill that provides for assistance to Israel, Ukraine and strengthening control measures on the southern border of the States. The package provided for the allocation of $118 billion, including $60 billion for Ukraine, as well as immigration reform demanded by Republicans.

On February 8, the US Senate preliminarily supported a draft law that provides for assistance to Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan – without migration reform and border security.

On February 11, the Senate took the next step toward passing the $95.3 billion aid bill HR 815 to Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan without a deal on immigration reform and border security.