Zelenskyy names four key issues in Ukraine-NATO relations
Jens Stoltenberg and Volodymyr Zelenskyy (Photo - Office of the President)

President Volodymyr Zelenskyy intends to discuss with NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg the four main issues that currently exist in Ukraine-NATO relations, the Ukrainian leader said and outlined these issues at a joint press conference with NATO chief on Thursday.

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Zelenskyy stated that Stoltenberg's visit to Kyiv has only just begun, and the main discussions are yet to come. However, the president outlined the main issues that are pressing now in relations between NATO and Ukraine.

The first issue is the meeting of the Ramstein group, which will take place tomorrow, and the decisions that Ukraine expects from it. "First of all, it concerns the armed support of our active steps," the head of state said.

The second issue is related to the first: Zelenskyy asks Stoltenberg to help "overcome the restraint of partners in the supply of long-range weapons, modern aviation, artillery, and armored vehicles."

The third issue is related to the Vilnius NATO summit, which "could become historic". "I am grateful for the invitation to attend the summit, but it is important that Ukraine receives the same invitation," Zelenskyy stressed.

The fourth issue is security guarantees for Ukraine and its citizens for the period before its accession to NATO. Answering journalists' questions, Zelenskyy emphasized that these guarantees do not mean any alternative to Ukraine's accession to NATO itself.

The Financial Times claims that on April 21, at a Ramstein meeting, Ukraine will call for an urgent supply of air defense systems and ammunition due to the potential threat of an air breakthrough of the occupiers of the front and massive bombing in the rear.