New US aid package to Ukraine not nearly enough as more is needed before it's too late, says Biden
Joe Biden (Photo: EPA/CJ GUNTHER)

The new $300 million package of military aid to Ukraine is "not nearly enough," US President Joe Biden announced during negotiations with Polish President Andrzej Duda and Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk, the BBC reports.

It was possible to send the emergency support package thanks to the funds that were saved during the execution of the previous contracts of the Pentagon.

Biden stressed that Congress must immediately approve the continuation of aid to Ukraine.

"We must act before it literally is too late. It's not too late yet. Because, as Poland remembers, Russia won't stop at Ukraine. Putin will keep going, putting Europe, the United States and the entire free world at risk," said the American leader.

The new US aid package included artillery shells and ammunition for HIMARS.

On February 14, US President Biden called on Speaker of the House of Representatives Mike Johnson to immediately put a bill on aid to Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan to a vote.

On February 26, President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said that Johnson had promised him to do "everything" to continue aid to Ukraine.

On February 28, Johnson said that he would put the continuation of aid to Ukraine to a vote "in a timely manner", but the priority is the border with Mexico.

On February 29, Congress leaders at a meeting with Biden could not agree on aid to Ukraine.