Ukraine to increase number of border troops – both for wartime and after it, says Zelenskyy
Photo: Office of the President

Ukraine will increase the number of border troops in view of the current tasks of protection against the Russian Federation and in anticipation of long-term protection after the war, announced President Volodymyr Zelenskyy in an evening video message.

"We will increase the number of border troops – both in view of the current tasks of protection against Russian aggression, and with a view to the long-term protection of the borders of our state after this war," he said.

According to the law, the total number of the State Border Guard Service staff is 60,000 people, including 52,000 military personnel. At the same time, in a special period, the total number of the SBGS is increased by the number of personnel called up for military service in order to fulfill the presidential decrees on mobilization.

Zelenskyy praised and thanked the units and soldiers of the border troops, who proved themselves especially in these weeks and months: the border guards of the Sumy detachment, who oppose Russian saboteurs and strengthen Ukrainian positions on the border. He also honored the soldiers of the Chernihiv and Kharkiv border units.

Separately, the president thanked the border defenders who are fighting at the front: the soldiers of the rapid response border commandant of the Volyn border detachment, the "Revenge" and "Steel Border" brigades, as well as the soldiers of the special unit DOZOR.

Russian sabotage and intelligence groups regularly try to break through the border in the north of Ukraine.

On January 27, a Russian sabotage group shot a brother and sister from the Khotyn community in Sumy Oblast. On February 3, it was reported that in Sumy Oblast, traffic was prohibited near the border with the Russian Federation.

On March 11, the Supreme Commander-in-Chief Staff also discussed the construction of fortifications. Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal spoke on the issue of building new defense lines. Zelenskyy said that the goal is to build three 2,000-kilometer defense lines.