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30.06.2023, 16:15

Vidverto, a Polish Adtech company with Ukrainian roots, is scaling

Vidverto, a Polish Adtech company with Ukrainian roots, is scaling - Photo

Vidverto, a Polish Adtech company with Ukrainian roots, is scaling to 5 new regions in a year — LATAM, MENA, India, Vietnam, and Taiwan

Opening local offices and engaging local business developers will allow the company to offer publishers solutions that will be effective for a particular region. The Ukrainian team has been actively involved in the scaling process and is currently overseeing these markets.

"Our primary objective is to expand Vidverto's operations in global markets. By the close of 2023, envision extending the presence to new regions." — Artem Ovsianchenko, CEO of Vidverto.

The initial phase of this expansion initiative involved opening an office in Argentina.

"LATAM features a competitive landscape for both local and global companies. To stand out, we must offer unique solutions. 

In Latin America, publishers have specific content requirements that align with their mindset. Video materials designed for European websites may prove ineffective due to variations in perception and cultural nuances." — Anastasia Nenikova, Head of the video advertising department at Vidverto.

To ensure successful operations in LATAM, Vidverto has appointed Felipe Otsubo as the office supervisor. With extensive experience as a media buyer and a deep understanding of the market, Felipe shares the company's values.

Vidverto is also actively strengthening its presence in MENA by collaborating with a local manager who possesses a nuanced understanding of the Arabic language and the region's particularities.

To empower strategic partnerships, the company has forged agreements with a lead generator and a director of corporate development in India, expanding negotiation opportunities with influential websites and networks.

In Vietnam, Vidverto conducts webinars for publishers, enriching their knowledge of advertising formats and showcasing its Adtech products value. Similarly, Taiwan represents a significant market where the team collaborates with a native business developers to achieve broad coverage across various websites.

Despite challenges, Vidverto continues to expand its operations and actively engage experts to gain profound insights into the needs and peculiarities of different regions.

About Vidverto: 

Established in 2014, Vidverto is a Polish company that transforms the site's traffic into revenue with highly effective video ad matching and video content delivery player technology certified by Google. The company works with 1000+ publishers and is an official Google MCM partner.

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