Israel asks US for $10bn, to be combined with Ukraine aid- report
Photo: White House / Flickr

Israeli officials have asked the United States for USD 10 billion in emergency assistance after the Hamas attack earlier this month, the New York Times reported on Tuesday, citing three officials familiar with the matter.

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"Lawmakers and the White House are crafting a package linking assistance for Israel with aid to Ukraine, funds to fortify the US-Mexico border, and aid to Taiwan," the report reads.

Earlier, the White House said it would ask the US Congress to allocate USD 2 billion in aid to Israel in a package that would include assistance to Ukraine as well.

Due to political strife, the United States entered the new fiscal year, beginning from 1 October, without approved federal appropriations but instead with a temporary, 45 days’ funding that did not include new aid for Ukraine.

The aid is needed not only for military packages but also for financial support, which mostly sustains social payments.

Ukraine hopes for USD 12 to 14 billion in US financial aid next year, with the total external financial needs at USD 32 billion, according to the International Monetary Fund.