Tragic loss of lives: Kyiv gov't searched over closed shelter, which caused three deaths
Screenshot from Radio Svoboda video

Law enforcement officers are conducting searches in the Kyiv City State Administration in connection with people's statements about a closed shelter, which led to the death of three people during the recent Russian missile attack, the spokeswoman of the Kyiv City Prosecutor's Office, Nadiya Maksymets, said in a comment to

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According to her, investigative actions are ongoing, in particular, searches are taking place in the Department of Municipal Security and Health Protection.

Earlier, a man named Yaroslav from the Desnyanskyi district of Kyiv, where three people died as a result of a Russian missile attack at night, claimed that the shelter to which people ran during the air raid alert was closed.

"There were sirens, people ran to the shelter. The shelter was simply not opened – that's all. People knocked, and at that moment it struck," Yaroslav said.

His wife died on the street when she was walking to the shelter with her child. Two more people died, including a child. All of them, according to public broadcaster Suspilne, were on their way to the shelter at that time. More than 10 people sustained injuries of varying degrees of severity.

According to Yaroslav, the guard did not open the door to the shelter. Locals say that he excused himself with a sore leg, which is why he cannot walk quickly.

Kyiv Mayor Vitaly Klitschko admitted that the shelter was closed. He claims that the head of the medical institution and the head of the district are responsible for the operation of the shelters, who must supervise the operation of the shelters.

Early on June 1, Russia again attacked Kyiv from the air, likely with ballistic missiles. All targets were shot down by anti-aircraft defenses, but there is destruction and casualties from falling debris. Among the dead is a child.

Early reports indicate 10 out of 10 missiles were destroyed by the forces and means of the Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.