31 of 32 NATO countries want to defeat Russia, but 'this is a mistake', says Orbán
Viktor Orban (Photo: EPA)

The Prime Minister of Hungary, Viktor Orbán, considers it a false position that all NATO countries, except for his state, want to defeat Russia, which is currently waging a war against Ukraine, he said during an interview on Radio Kossuth, reports local outlet Telex.

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Orbán said his country is one of NATO's most loyal members and that 31 of the alliance's 32 countries want Russia to lose the war against Ukraine.

However, the Hungarian premier disagrees with the opinion of the allies.

"Hungary's position is that this is a mistake. Even if we are alone among the 32," he said.

The Hungarian leader believes that "Ukraine does not have to win" and NATO partners "contribute to the war."

Orbán explained that he does not want "a single square centimeter of Hungary to become a Russian military target."

In his opinion, the Alliance is trying to convince the Hungarian side that "peace can be resolved by war."

Hungary will not hinder the NATO mission in Ukraine, but will not participate in it either, Orbán added.

Orbán said on May 24 that Hungary is currently reassessing its membership in NATO. The country wants to create a new concept that would distinguish it from other members of the Alliance.

On June 2, the Hungarian prime minister announced that he intends to create a "transatlantic peace coalition" in the European Parliament after the elections, the purpose of which will be to put pressure on Kyiv for negotiations with Moscow.

On June 12, Orbán promised that his country would not participate in future NATO decisions regarding Ukraine but would not block them either.