Avdiivka: Occupying forces blocked near Orlivka, ZSU hopes for assistance from local terrain
Avdiivka (screenshot from the video)

The Ukrainian Armed Forces continue to conduct defensive operations on the Avdiivka front, choosing the line of settlements of Tonenke-Orlivka-Berdychi for this purpose, the spokesperson for the Tavria operational-strategic group, Dmytro Lykhoviy, reported on Radio Svoboda.

"The terrain there should help the defense: there is a cascade of reservoirs, and this was chosen as a priority. Thus, the ZSU units on the Avdiivka front continue to conduct defensive operations," he said.

Russian assault groups were blocked on the outskirts and on the approach to the village of Orlivka, where the occupying forces tried to advance with the support of artillery, mortars, FPV drones, and aviation, according to Lykhoviy.

"Not everything is as simple as it may seem for the enemy on this front – near the village of Orlivka, Russian assault groups were blocked on the approach to the village or on its outskirts," he said.

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