Over a million ammunition and 21 billion euros: Borrell on military aid to Ukraine in 2024
Josep Borrell (Photo: EPA/Olivier Matthys)

The EU is ramping up production and plans to deliver over a million pieces of ammunition to Ukraine by the end of 2024, said EU High Representative Josep Borrell. 

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Following an EU ministers' meeting in Brussels, he also stated that "at least 21 billion euros will be allocated for military aid to Ukraine."

During a briefing, Borrell said that the EU has already supplied Ukraine with 330,000 rounds of ammunition, with 524,000 to be delivered by March, and 1,100,000 by the end of the year.

"Production capacities: a 40% increase, a million by March, 1.4 million by the end of the year, with 28 billion euros already mobilized for military support and, for now, 21 billion euros planned for 2024," he stated, adding, "this figure will increase as I am still waiting for confirmation from some member states."

Additionally, the EU High Representative pointed to another significant milestone – the EUMAM training mission in Ukraine. He reported that the EU has "almost reached the goal of training 40,000 Ukrainian soldiers as part of the training mission."

He stated that an agreement was made today to train an additional 20,000 soldiers. According to him, "this will raise the total to 60,000 trained soldiers."

"We will reach this figure – 60,000 – by the end of summer. And you know, good training means saving lives on the battlefield. This is just part of the picture, as there are other significant positive trends. Firstly, because I expect more information from member states," Borrell said.

On November 15, the EU Council launched the EUMAM Ukraine training mission. The mission will last for 24 months and will supplement the EU's contributions to Ukraine under the European Peace Facility. The training mission will coordinate with bilateral measures from member states to support Ukraine, as well as with other international partners, and will be open to participation from third countries.

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