EU’s chief diplomat says F-16 training underway for Ukrainians
EU's foreign policy chief Josep Borrell. Photo via EPA

The training of Ukrainian pilots on F-16 fighter jets has already begun, EU’s foreign policy chef Josep Borrell said on Monday.

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Speaking before an EU foreign ministers meeting, Mr Borrell commended the decision at the Group of Seven summit last weekend to "prepare the ground to give Ukraine the fighters they need".

"So pilot training has already started. This is the first thing that had to be done," he added, adding he hopes the F-16s will be delivered to Ukraine soon.

However, Ukrainian Air Force spokesman Yurii Ihnat told that "nothing has started."

When asked if he knew when the training would start, Mr Ihnat added, "No, but it's coming."

On Sunday, US president Joe Biden officially confirmed the US military would start training Ukrainian pilots for the F-16s.

Ukraine hopes to receive several dozen fighter jets no later than this autumn.