EU diplomat Borrell likens Putin to Stalin as Russia digs in for long winter of attrition
Josep Borrell (Photo: EPA/Julien Warnand)

Russia can still replenish its forces and ignore the losses, EU's chief diplomat Josep Borrell announced during a speech before EU ambassadors, news agency Ukrinform reports.

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According to him, allies should help Ukraine support its offensive.

"Russian losses are very important, but Russia can replenish its forces. It is ready to sacrifice even more people. Before Putin, Stalin was convinced that quantity itself is the source of quality, when human life does not matter and is not valued," Borrell said.

The diplomat noted that if the level of losses is unacceptable for Ukrainians, then for Russia in the short term the issue of losses is "very acceptable".

"The only solution is to continue our aid to Ukraine and remain united around this issue, because our core values are at stake. If Ukraine loses, we lose. We need to maintain our unanimity and unity in supporting Ukraine," he concluded.

The Armed Forces reported that the Russians have stepped up the use of military equipment on the Kupyansk axis.

The head of Estonian intelligence, Ants Kiviselg, believes that the Russian efforts to capture Avdiyivka and advance toward Kupyansk have primarily propaganda goals, and the coming weeks in these sectors are likely to be "hot".

On the evening of November 5, an ammunition depot of the Russian Armed Forces exploded in occupied Siedovo, east of Mariupol. There are reports that helicopters and other equipment of the occupiers were allegedly hit, but it is still impossible to confirm this information.