Ukraine’s def intel chief spoke to China envoy in Kyiv

18.05.2023, 11:44
Ukraine’s def intel chief spoke to China envoy in Kyiv - Photo

The chief of Ukraine’s defence Intelligence met with a Chinese envoy in Kyiv tasked with finding a ‘political settlement’ to Russia’s full-scale invasion, the Ukrainian presidential office revealed in a statement on Thursday.

During the meeting, Kyrylo Budanov "informed the Chinese delegation about the situation at the front and the losses of the Russian occupiers," the statement read.

He also told Beijing's ambassador Li Hui about Russia's recent massive missile attacks on civilian infrastructure and civilian casualties.

Mr Li, who arrived in Kyiv on Wednesday, earlier spoke to Ukraine’s foreign minister Dmytro Kuleba, who told him Ukraine would not accept any proposals that would include giving up territory or ‘freezing’ the conflict.

China declares its ‘neutral’ position on Russia's war against Ukraine, which it calls ‘the Ukraine crisis’. Beijing has reiterated the Russian propaganda cliché that Russia was ‘provoked’ into war by NATO and the United States, and has not condemned the war that Moscow is waging to destroy the Ukrainian people.

At the same time, however, China declared its commitment to the principle of territorial integrity and inviolability of borders. Chinese officials regularly call for negotiations and say they are ‘for global peace’.

Mr Li is expected to futher visit Poland, France, Germany and Russia "to talk to all parties about a political settlement of the Ukrainian crisis," the Chinese foreign ministry said last week.

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