Ukraine intel chief vows continued strikes on Russia, says Kyiv unmoved by Moscow threats
Kyrylo Budanov (Photo: screenshot from the video)

The Defense Forces will continue strikes on the territory of Russia in 2024, the head of Ukrainian military intelligence Kyrylo Budanov said in a comment to the Financial Times.

He is not worried about the fears of Western partners regarding strikes on the Russian Federation, and Ukraine will continue to do so.

"We do not foresee any drastic changes in the near future. Everything we have done, we will continue to do. To say that everything is fine is not true. To say that there is a catastrophe is also not true," said Budanov.

He refused to give a military forecast for 2024, but expressed hope that the successes of the Defense Forces will be greater than those of the Russians.

The spy chief also asserted that the Ukrainian soldiers will be able to restrain the pressure of the Russian invasion forces.

Budanov previously declared that the war should be transferred to the territory of the Russian Federation: "the wider the operations there, the better".

After Ukraine's victory in Russia, revanchism will arise, and it will take at least 10 years to restore the "military aspect", he argues.