Top Ukrainian official dismisses possibility of Russia achieving full war mobilization
Oleksiy Danilov (Screenshot from the video)

Russia lacks the ability to transition its economy fully to a wartime footing, hampering its efforts to win the war, Oleksiy Danilov, Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine, said in an interview with UKRLIFE.TV.

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Danilov argued technological and other factors will prevent Russia from achieving full wartime mobilization, adding that reliance on aging Soviet-era stockpiles of equipment and supplies alone will not enable the Russian Federation to prevail against Ukrainian defenses.

"As for the transition [of the economy] to wartime footing, it is an echo of the Cold War, it is an echo after the Second World War. Keep in mind that it is impossible to achieve. Because it is a completely different economy. And fortunately for us, the Russian Federation, with all their efforts to do it, is unable to do it," Danilov said.

According to him, technologically and due to "many other factors" it is impossible for Russia to carry out the transition of the economy to war footing. According to the official, the aggressor state will never be able to do this.

"It must be understood that the Russian Federation will never switch to the so-called war footing, because it is impossible from the point of view of technology, from the point of view of many things," he noted.

Danilov stressed that the enemy can repair and replenish the number of equipment thanks to stocks of old Soviet models, but this will not allow the Russian Federation to win the war.

"The only thing they are doing now is that they had such fields covered with old tanks from all years, from 1945 to 1953, 1955. So they can repair them, and in this way somehow replenish this or that fund. But this is definitely not an issue that will allow the Russian Federation to win," said Ukraine's top security official.