Even if Putin falls out of the window, there will be followers in Russia – German intelligence
Bruno Kahl (Photo: EPA)

Even if Russian dictator Vladimir Putin were to suddenly disappear, there are still people in Russia who would continue his policies, according to Bruno Kahl, the head of Germany's Federal Intelligence Service (BND), in an interview with Focus magazine.

The analysis of the German intelligence service indicates that Putin is the "absolute ruler of the Kremlin," "firmly in control," and there is currently no one who can influence the Russian dictator's actions, Kahl said.

"Even if he were to fall out of a window or suffer injuries in some other way, there would be enough people who think like him and would continue the same policies," Kahl stated.

He believes the Kremlin's power is unshakeable, and there are no signs that this will change overnight, for instance, through "democratically legitimate forces."

Kahl stated that Putin's goal is to "restore the old power and glory of great Russia."

"If Ukraine were forced to make concessions, it would not satisfy Russia's hunger for power. If the West does not demonstrate a clear readiness to defend itself, Putin will have no reason to refrain from attacking NATO," Kahl warned.

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