Putin ‘has not lost the war yet’, Poland’s president warns

31.05.2023, 12:20
Putin ‘has not lost the war yet’, Poland’s president warns - Photo
President Andrzej Duda of Poland. Photo via EPA

Russian president Vladimir Putin is yet to lose the war in Ukraine, as the Russian army is still fighting in Ukraine, the Polish leader has said.

In an interview with Almar Latour, CEO of Dow Jones, which publishes the Wall Street Journal, Andrzej Duda delivered a stark warning about Moscow’s ability to further wage war and wait for the time to turn the tables in its favour.

"Putin has not lost a war yet. I hope he will lose. In the meantime, we have a situation where the Russian skating rink is crushing Ukraine, hundreds of people are dying at the front every day," Mr Duda said.

"There are more than 100 million Russians and less than 40 million Ukrainians. This difference alone shows who has the advantage here. For Russians, human life means nothing, for Ukrainians, every life is worth its weight in gold."

Russia is a nuclear power with "gigantic weapons depots", Poland’s leader stressed.

"Why laugh that Russia is rolling out tanks from the 1960s? Each tank weighs 50 to 60 tonnes. If it moves, it will crush, regardless of whether it is modern."

Mr Putin will lose the war when the Russian army is pushed back beyond Ukraine’s internationally recognised borders, he stressed.

"Then we will say that they have gained nothing from this war, that their plan to enslave Ukraine has failed, their imperial ambitions have been punished, they have lost hundreds of thousands of people," Mr Duda believes.

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