EU preparing security commitments for Ukraine. Bloomberg reveals the proposals
Volodymyr Zelenskyy (Photo: EPA/SERGEY DOLZHENKO)

The European Union is working on a document that will ensure the obligations of member states in the field of security to Ukraine, reports Bloomberg.

The EU has provided the member states with the basis for long-term military aid to Ukraine. The draft document will be discussed by the bloc's ambassadors this week and by country leaders in December. It will also form the basis of Kyiv's consultations with the G7 countries.

The G7 agreed at the NATO summit in Vilnius on security guarantees for Ukraine to deter Russian aggression in the future. Ukraine, on the other hand, undertook to continue reforms in the judicial, law enforcement and defense spheres.

The program of the European Union includes the following proposals:

— "A predictable, efficient, sustainable and long-term mechanism for the provision of military equipment to Ukraine" that mobilizes the European defense industry;

— training of the Ukrainian military;

— expansion of cooperation with the Ukrainian defense industry to increase capacity and harmonize standards;

— strengthening Ukraine's ability to combat hybrid and cyber threats, as well as disinformation;

— support for mine-clearing efforts;

— assistance to Ukraine in reforms for joining the EU, as well as increasing its ability to control stocks of firearms, light weapons and ammunition to counter any illicit trafficking;

— supporting the country's energy transition and nuclear safety efforts;

— exchange of intelligence and satellite imagery.

The document states that arms supplies will continue through the European Peace Facility, a mechanism that reimburses member states for what they supply to Ukraine.

However, according to one European diplomat, the EU's initial plan to allocate 20 billion euros over four years for weapons for Ukraine risks falling through because the partners could not agree on terms.

Instead, the Europeans hope to agree on an allocation of 5 billion euros for 2024, with commitments for continued support in the future.

Following the NATO summit in Vilnius, the G7 states adopted a declaration on security guarantees that should apply before Ukraine joins the alliance.

The President's Office assures that the security guarantees received by Ukraine will not be Budapest-2.

On August 4, negotiations on security guarantees between Ukraine and the United States began.