Slovak PM says Russia will "never return" Crimea to Ukraine and "will not leave" Donbas
Robert Fico (Photo: EPA)

The Russians will "never return" the temporarily occupied Crimea to Ukraine and "will not leave" Donbas, Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico said during a meeting with members of the Committee on European Affairs, the Slovak publication Dennik N reported.

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Fico said that the recognition of the principle of territorial integrity in the case of Ukraine is "only a theory of international law."

"From the point of view of international law, each of us recognizes the territorial integrity of another country, the sovereignty, the inviolability of borders. This is a good theory of international law. But I say that the Russians will never return Crimea, the Russians will never leave Donbas and Luhansk," the Slovak prime minister said.

In his opinion, any peace will come at a high price, and the Russians are supposedly winning in the military sense.

He noted that at an extraordinary summit of the European Council in Brussels, the supply of air defense systems to Ukraine will be discussed, but Slovakia, according to his words, "has nothing more to give Ukraine" in this matter.

Fico also criticized the previous government of the state for providing the Ukrainian side with S-300 complexes.

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