France to hand over 100 Delair UAVs, munitions to Ukraine, says Defense Minister Lecornu
Photo: Sebastian Lecornu/X

France will order 100 Delair drones for Ukraine, which should arrive by summer, announced the Minister of Defense of the country, Sébastien Lecornu.

In addition, Paris ordered 2,000 remote-controlled munitions. Half will be directed to the needs of the French army, half to the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

Фото: Себастьян Лекорню/X
Photo: Sebastian Lecornu/X

In December 2023, the Ministry of Defense announced the launch of an artillery coalition to strengthen the Ukrainian army. At that time, the department stated that the coalition would begin work in January 2024, and the launch would take place in Paris.

On February 18, Lecornu said that France is developing a "new generation" of kamikaze drones and plans to transfer them to Ukraine.

On the same day, he said that his country would start supplying the Armed Forces of Ukraine with 50 AASM aerial bombs per month, starting in January.

In addition, France promised to produce 78 Caesar self-propelled artillery units for the needs of the Ukrainian army.