France blames Russia for events in Belgorod; Medvedev reacts with outburst
Dmitry Medvedev (Photo by ERA)

The French Ministry of Foreign Affairs has attributed the explosions and fires in Belgorod on December 30 to the aggressive actions of Russia, not Ukraine, which is acting in self-defense. Former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev responded with angry comments.

In response to questions about the alleged "massive attacks with cluster munitions" orchestrated by Ukraine that resulted in 25 deaths and over 100 injured in Belgorod, a representative of the French Foreign Ministry stated in a briefing on January 3: "There is an aggressor state, Russia, which is implementing a strategy of terror, deliberately targeting vital civilian infrastructure in violation of international humanitarian law. The targeted state is Ukraine, acting in self-defense under Article 51 of the UN Charter.

The diplomatic office in Paris emphasized that "Russia has the ability to put an end to this conflict and the human tragedies that accompany it, for which it bears full responsibility."

"To do so, it must withdraw all its forces from the internationally recognized territory of Ukraine. This is the essential condition for restoring lasting peace and preserving the international order based on law," the French Foreign Ministry said.

Medvedev, known for making nonsensical statements and threats to the world, including nuclear weapons, made another jingoistic comment in response to France's position.

We never liked the French. Kind of frog-eaters, fought against us. F**gots. And now we see it. The French Foreign Ministry wrote. The attack on Belgorod with cluster munitions is considered "the right to self-defense". Bastards. B**ches. Monsters.

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