Russia plans to bolster army with 400,000 in 2024 without full mobilization declaration
Vladimir Putin (Photo: EPA)

Russia is going to call up 400,000 people for the war against Ukraine without announcing mobilization, The Financial Times wrote, citing unnamed Ukrainian officials,

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Western officials are alarmed by the fact that Moscow is reviving its defense industry, the speed of which was underestimated by Kyiv's partners.

The Russian Federation produced 4 million artillery shells and several hundred tanks during the year.

Representatives of Ukraine predict that Russia will recruit another 400,000 people in 2024 without resorting to large-scale mobilization.

Most Western officials expect that, despite the huge losses in Ukraine, the Russians will be able to regain their strength in five to six years, FT notes.'s source in the Defense Forces said that Moscow did plan to mobilize more than 400,000 people, but to date the implementation of these plans is slowing down due to political and organizational reasons therefore the aggressor is behind its schedule.

On Thursday, the Third Separate Assault Brigade officially confirmed that the unit was urgently transferred to the Avdiivka district to reinforce the Ukrainian garrison. According to the military, at the time the brigade entered the town, the situation there was "extremely critical".

Maksym Zhorin, the deputy commander of the Third Brigade, reported that fierce battles are taking place in the Avdiivka sector, and the Russian army is advancing from all sides.

Oleksandr Borodin, a representative of the Third Brigade, said in a comment to that the situation on the Avdiivka axis is very difficult. The Russian troops are advancing in a number that significantly exceeds the Defense Forces: the ratio is one to seven. In this sector, the regular army of the Russian Federation and special forces are fighting against the Ukrainian defenders.