Ukraine shows quality and quantity of soldiers still matter, Polish General Staff deputy chief says
Piotr Blazeusz (Photo: screenshot from the video)

Russia's war against Ukraine shows that the quality and quantity of military personnel still matter, First Deputy Chief of Defense at the General Staff of the Polish Armed Forces, Piotr Błazeusz, said in an interview with TVN 24.

The figure of about 200,000 professional soldiers is a good indicator for Poland.

"Russia's aggressive, neo-imperialist policy is not changing, in fact it is gaining strength, and therefore our task is to prepare and build the stability of the entire country," said Błazeusz.

In case of potential Russian aggression against Poland, a system of indicators and warnings is being developed to predict the enemy's plans.

"We will, of course, try to talk to our allies as soon as possible. I am sure that, if necessary, they will deploy their forces to demonstrate strength and restraint. And that we will be ready for joint defense," the general said.

At a meeting to support Ukraine, which was called by French President Macron on February 26, European leaders discussed the possibility of sending NATO ground troops to Ukraine.

On March 5, Macron made it clear that his statement about the possible deployment of troops to Ukraine was an "opening of the debate."

On the same day, Hungarian Foreign Minister Péter Szijjártó said that Macron's recent statement contradicted a joint NATO decision made two years ago about "the need to do everything to avoid a direct confrontation with Russia."