Germany renews military support for Ukraine with new aid shipment
Reichstag (Photo:

The German Ministry of Defense announced a new package of military aid to Ukraine, which, in particular, included additional 155-mm ammunition, reconnaissance drones and other weapons, reported the website of the German government.

The package was supplemented with the following weapons and equipment:

→ 250 155 mm artillery rounds (previously there were 25,750) (from the stocks of the Bundeswehr and industry stocks);

→ reconnaissance system LUNA NG;

→ 10 reconnaissance drones VECTOR with spare parts (previously there were 142);

→ six border protection vehicles (previously there were 235);

→ eight Zetros trucks (there were 224);

→ 100,000 first-aid kits (previously there were 400,000);

→ medical devices;

→ 70 automatic 70 mm grenade launchers.

On December 2, Berlin handed over the core of the aid package.

On November 21, the German defense minister announced a new aid package worth 1.3 billion euros, which includes additional Iris-T for 2024-2025 and ammunition.