NATO, EU do not have a Russia strategy, Ukraine may feel betrayed, Czech foreign minister warns
Jan Lipavsky (Photo: EPA/JAKUB GAVLAK)

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic, Jan Lipavsky, said that NATO and the European Union do not have a strategy for Russia — the partners do not discuss how Russia's war against Ukraine should end, he said in an interview with Deutsche Welle.

According to him, neither NATO nor the EU conducts a joint debate on the strategy regarding Russia.

"I consider it a mistake. I believe that we should hold such debates. During such a discussion, we should also discuss how the war in Ukraine should end," said Lipavsky.

He noted that since the West does not have such a strategy, it should adhere to "the existing principles", which are the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Ukraine within the 1991 framework, as well as the right of a voice for Ukraine in the issue of possible peace with Russia.

"The biggest mistake we, the West or the leading powers, could make would be to dictate any decision to Ukraine without inviting it to participate in the process. They will feel betrayed, and this will not lead to a lasting and just peace and security in Europe," said the diplomat.

On March 13, the adviser to the Prime Minister of the Czech Republic announced that artillery shells purchased on the Czech initiative will probably begin to be delivered to Ukraine at the beginning of the summer.

On March 19, the German defense minister announced that the country will cover the costs of 180,000 artillery ammunition for Ukraine within the framework of the Czech initiative.

On March 21, the Polish foreign minister said that the country would help organize the transportation of projectiles purchased under the initiative of the Czech Republic to Ukraine.