Polish foreign minister advocates creation of "heavy brigade" of European Union to counter threats
Radosław Sikorski (Photo: EPA)

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Poland is proposing the creation of a "heavy brigade" of the European Union, which would allow a quick response to emergency situations in neighboring countries, without involving the help of the United States, Foreign Minister Radosław Sikorski announced on TVP World.

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He believes the EU should not only strengthen sanctions against Russia and enhance its own potential in the fields of civil defense and cyber security, but also develop its own deterrence capabilities.

"I’m in favor of a heavy brigade, EU rapid-reaction capacity so that we don’t have to call on the resources of the U.S. for every emergency on our periphery. Events in the Balkans or in North Africa are examples of situations in which the EU should not turn to the USA," said the diplomat.

The invasion of the Russian dictator Vladimir Putin into Ukraine scared the Europeans and showed them that Europe cannot be defenseless, the minister added.

"Defense is like health insurance. We prepare for what we don't want, but it's better to be prepared for it," said Sikorski.

On March 11, EU diplomacy chief Josep Borrell declared that the European stockpiles of weapons were exhausted, and emphasized the need to develop the defense industry of the EU countries in order to replenish their own stocks and continue to provide assistance to Ukraine.

On March 25, Borrell said that Europe needs to make a "leap forward" in the development of the defense industry in order to respond to the threats that the EU is currently facing.

On April 11, Finnish President Alexander Stubb said that NATO countries should be less "belligerent" in their rhetoric against the Russian Federation and instead prepare for a potential conflict.