Romania foreign minister alleges Russian attacks on Danube ports constitute war crimes
Luminița Odobescu (Photo: EPA)

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Romania, Luminița Odobescu, called the Russian attacks on the Danube ports in Izmail and Reni war crimes during a conversation with journalists in Kyiv, European Pravda reports.

Romania supports Ukraine and its people in the war against Russia, she stressed.

The official noted that the attacks by the Russian miltiary on civilian infrastructure, in particular on the ports on the Danube near the Romanian border, constitute war crimes.

"What Russia is doing near our border is undermining the Ukrainian economy, food security, including at the global level, and civilian navigation in the Black Sea," Odobescu stated.
On September 4, 2023, Ukraine reported that Russian Shahed-136 kamikaze drones fell and detonated on the territory of Romania at night in the area of the Izmail port. This was also confirmed by the State Border Guard Service.
The wreckage of drones were found several times in Romania.
The Secretary General of NATO stated that the fall of Shaheds in Romania was not a "deliberate attack" .
On September 15, the Deputy Chief of Defense Staff of Romania stated that the country is ready to shoot down Russian drones.

On September 22, the President of Romania said that the fall of Russian drones on the territory of the country is a "real problem".