Top Hungarian diplomat says Orban was scheduled to meet with ex-Ukraine leader Poroshenko
Peter Szijjarto (Photo: EPA/JALAL MORCHIDI)

The Hungarian Prime Minister, Viktor Orbán, planned to meet with the fifth president, Petro Poroshenko, when the latter was barred from leaving Ukraine, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Peter Szijjarto, announced after hearings in the parliament, Telex quoted him as saying.

According to him, Orbán "is happy to negotiate with anyone, including former leaders of foreign countries."

"Therefore, if ex-president Poroshenko considered the possibility of such a consultation, we did not want to interfere with it. Ask the Ukrainians about this, what are the internal relations and who allows what, with whom and how they want to settle scores with others. Fortunately, this is not our business." said Szijjarto.

He did not go into the details of the meeting, which did not take place, and urged "not to indulge in such science fiction."

Last Friday, Poroshenko was not allowed to leave Ukraine for a trip abroad as the State Border Guard Service announced that the official trip was cancelled. According to Poroshenko, he had dozens of meetings planned in Poland and the United States, in particular, regarding the lifting of the blockade of Ukrainian carriers and the provision of American military aid.

First Deputy Speaker of the Rada Korniyenko stated that he received a letter for official use, which he cannot comment on: "Accordingly, we were forced to cancel this [Poroshenko] official trip."

Later, the SBU explained that Poroshenko was allegedly going to meet with Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban. This meeting could have supposedly been used by the Russian Federation for information and psychological special operations against Ukraine.