Ukraine's military intelligence targets Russia's Smolensk Aviation Plant – source
Armed Forces of Ukraine (Photo: Facebook, General Staff)

On Sunday evening, the Ministry of Defense of Russia announced an attack by a Ukrainian drone on Smolensk Oblast.'s source in the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense (HUR) confirmed the attack on the Smolensk Aviation Plant.

Reportedly, explosions rocked Smolensk Oblast as a result of a drone attack on Sunday.

According to the source, this operation was carried out by Ukraine's Defense Intelligence, and the target was the Smolensk Aviation Plant.

Russian propaganda outlets claimed that on Sunday, their air defense forces destroyed a drone over Smolensk Oblast.

According to the governor, "there are no victims and no infrastructure damage."

REFERENCE. Since 2004, the Smolensk Aviation Plant has been part of the Tactical Missile Weapons Corporation. On June 3, 2022, the company was included in the list of sanctions of the European Union, and from March 24, 2022 – in the list of sanctions of the United States. The company is also under the sanctions of Japan, Canada, Ukraine and Switzerland.

On November 1, 2023, the Defense Forces destroyed the Russian ZALA drone along with its crew with a precision strike from HIMARS.

On November 20, in Russia's Kursk Oblast, HUR officers hit the Nebo and Gamma-S1E radar stations.

On November 22, Ukraine's Defense Intelligence published a short video entitled "Crimean Autumn Wind and a Completely Unnecessary Structure", from which it can be concluded that one of the operatives of the HUR was near the Kerch bridge.