HUR: Ukraine currently can't win on the battlefield, instead attacking deep rear areas
Vadym Skibitsky (Photo: screenshot from the video)

Ukraine cannot win on the battlefield today due to the Russian advantage and is therefore attacking the infrastructure behind occupiers lines, the deputy head of the Main Directorate of Intelligence (HUR), Vadym Skibitsky, said in a commentary to The Guardian.

European politicians were wrong to fear escalation of the war, he said.

"What does escalation mean for us? We have had two years of war. It’s an everyday procedure. Russia bombs our territory. It hits power stations and civilian infrastructure," Skibitsky said.

He stated that victory on the battlefield is currently impossible, given Russia's military superiority and the Ukrainian side's lack of artillery shells and fighter jets.

"We have no choice but to take the fight to targets deep behind enemy lines, including military infrastructure, command and control centers and industrial production sites that made weapons and munitions," the intelligence officer said.

Skibitsky said that Ukraine used a NATO-standard procedure known as the center of gravity or cog.

"A model where outsized results can be achieved by selecting and then eliminating a few carefully picked high-value targets," the deputy intelligence chief said.

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