Hungary rejects EU proposal to not block aid to Ukraine – Borrell
Viktor Orban (Photo: RONALD WITTEK / EPA)

The European Union proposed a deal to Hungary, allowing the country to opt out of aiding Ukraine while not blocking decisions by other allies, but Budapest rejected this offer, said Josep Borrell, the head of EU diplomacy, to the Financial Times.

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He mentioned that the EU offered Hungary a deal similar to the one NATO made with the country's Prime Minister Viktor Orban last week: giving Budapest the option to refrain from activities supporting Ukraine in exchange for not vetoing other allies' aid to Kyiv.

However, according to the top diplomat, Hungary refused a similar proposal from the EU.

"We have offered Hungary: your money will not be used to support Ukraine in any means. Not just lethal, but on anything. Take your money. Put your money out of the box. I don’t want to use your money," Borrell explained about the canceled idea.

According to the official, Budapest's position "has something to do with the strong links that they have with Russia."

A spokesperson for the Hungarian government declined to comment to the FT.

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