Top US Senate leader vows vote 'next week' on Biden Administration's Ukraine aid bill
Chuck Schumer (Photo: NNWO Press Service)

The Senate will vote next week on a supplemental national security bill that includes a bipartisan deal on border security and aid to Ukraine and Israel, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer said, according to Axios.

The text of the agreement will be published on February 2 or 4, and the draft law will be voted on no later than Wednesday, February 7.

"This will give members of Congress enough time to read the bill before voting," he said.

Republican negotiator Senator James Lankford said that "there are people who are asking for three days and there are people who are asking for three weeks."

It is currently unknown whether Senate leadership will allow amendments to the package, which could significantly delay the final vote. It's also unclear whether House Speaker Mike Johnson will put it up for a vote in the House if the bill passes the Senate.

On January 18, US President Joe Biden agreed to strengthen immigration policy, as demanded by Republicans to avoid criticism and to ensure aid to Ukraine.

On January 19, former president Donald Trump spoke against compromises with the Democratic Party and the White House on the security of the border with Mexico, the resolution of which would ensure continued aid to Ukraine. According to him, only the Speaker of the House of Representatives Mike Johnson will make a "perfect" deal on the border.

On January 28, Speaker of the House of Representatives Johnson said: if the terms of the new draft law, which is being prepared by the Senate, on the introduction of border reform and the allocation of aid to Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan are true, it will be "dead on arrival" for the lower chamber.