Two dozen Ukrainians killed in Israel-Hamas war: MFA
Photo: EPA

Ukraine has so far confirmed that 24 Ukrainian citizens had been killed in Israel and the Gaza Strip following the attack by the Hamas terrorist group on 7 October, foreign ministry spokesman Oleg Nikolenko told

In Israel, 21 people were killed and another three are missing, Mr Nikolenko said.

Three Ukrainians were killed in the Gaza Strip, including two children. Another six people, including three children, were wounded and are being treated.

"357 Ukrainians, including 208 women, have asked to be evacuated from the Palestinian enclave," the foreign ministry spokesman said, adding that Ukrainian diplomatic missions are "in constant contact" with them.

The Rafah crossing on the border between the Gaza Strip and Egypt is still closed, preventing Ukrainians as well as other foreigners in the enclave to leave.

The Hamas group launched its biggest ever attack on Israel on 7 October, which has led to thousands of people killed from both sides.

Israel ordered that the Gaza Strip be blockaded and is gearing up for an invasion of the enclave.