Slovak Defense Minister: Instead of NATO troops, let's return Ukraine's men from abroad
Robert Kaliňák (Photo: Facebook)

Ukraine would benefit more from the return of its able-bodied citizens from abroad than from the deployment of NATO troops, according to a statement made by Slovak Defense Minister Robert Kaliňák during a TV appearance and published by the press service of the ruling party SMER-SD on Facebook.

"Among all the refugees we are protecting, providing them with a home and a job, there is a group that falls under the Ukrainian draft law. I think that the greatest help to the Ukrainian army would be if it had enough people and men," said Kaliňák.

He stated that discussions about deploying Western troops in Ukraine cross a "thick red line" and significantly increase the risk of global conflict.

Kaliňák accused Western countries and the Slovak opposition of calling for increased aid to Ukrainian troops, which he claims leads to escalation.

"If they were serious about supporting Ukraine and defeating Russia, they would call for allowing able-bodied Ukrainians to return to their homeland. We have seen the results of the war 'to the last Ukrainian,' and it's time to seek peaceful solutions. Only by immediately stopping the fighting can we prevent further bloodshed and restore Ukraine's sovereignty," said the Slovak defense minister.

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