Mobilization in Ukraine: Electronic cabinet to simplify specialty-based recruitment
Photo: depositphotos

The electronic cabinet for military personnel will greatly simplify the organization of the recruitment system based on a person's specialty and will reduce the number of errors in the drafting of people who are not subject to mobilization, said the head of the Press and Information Office of the Ministry of Defense, Illarion Pavlyuk, during a telethon broadcast.

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"The introduction of the electronic cabinet is a very convenient mechanism for everyone. It's important to understand that if we have achieved a situation where data updating is massive because it can be done from home with a computer, it then becomes much easier for us to organize a system where a person with a mechanic-driver specialization will be performing corresponding tasks in the military. And this will reduce the number of mistakes when a person who is not subject to the draft is not called up," he said.

Military-eligible individuals might fear updating their data thinking they will be "immediately taken to the military," according to Pavlyuk. The official stated that they will not be "immediately taken" because Ukraine has significantly more military-eligible individuals than the Armed Forces currently need.

"This process will become significantly higher quality, much more convenient. [...] A war is going on, and it is everyone's duty. We are doing everything so that the process of joining the military is more convenient, transparent, faster, and of higher quality for the military," he said.

Pavlyuk also said that according to a new bill, military personnel will have 60 days to update their data: this can be done both in the electronic cabinet and offline.

The bill has not yet been passed and it may be amended according to adjustments in the Ukrainian parliament. It could also be sent back to the government for further revisions.

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